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Three Projects -- Industry University Cooperation Collaborative Education Projects Approved!
Congratulations to Dr. Xiaole Han for Winning the Advanced Individual to Fight against the Covid-19 Epidemi...
Dr. Peng Mei Won the First Prize at the Popularization Explanation Competition of SCUN
Congratulations to the Prof. Hua Zhang's Lab for the paper at Chem. Sci.!
Research Highlight
Prof. Zehui Zhang lab's Work Accepted by Nature Communication
Prof. Li Wang and Jinlin Li's work on Fischer-Tropsch Synthes...
Dr. Xun Cui and Prof. Yingkui Yang's work on Nanoparticles En...
Prof. Yu Jiang's work on Diels-Alder Polymer Networks publish...
Lectures and Events
Chemical Expression Analysis of Electroe
Forum Forcast: Organic Synthetic Chemist
Forum Forcast: Synthesis and Biomolecula
Forum Forcast: In vivo and In vitro Prec
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